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FOOD EUROCOMER IQF Fruit & Vegetables Direct from the Manufacturer

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Spanish IQF Suppliers

We have a full range of mediterranean, Asian and South American IQF products available for the national market and also export

IQF Mediterranean Vegetables
IQF Mediterranean Vegetables

We have a wide range of IQF mediterranean products, including broccoli, artichokes, esparagos and many more. Download our catalogue today.

Productoss de Asia
Products from Asia

We offer a wide range of IQF products from Asia including asparragos, garlic sprouts, strawberries and many more.
Download our catalogue today.

Producos de Sudamérica
Products from South America

We offer a wide range of IQF products from South Amreica including papay, mango and passion fruit.  Download our catalogue today.

Packaging Options

We offer a wide range of packaging options, from 500gr bags to 1,000kg Octobins.

Packaging Options Bag
700 - 1,000kg
Mediterranean Range
Products from Asia

IQF Vegetables Direct from the Manufacturer

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Quality First

Our concern for the quality for the final product comes first, therefore every company that we work with has a quality control process at each and every step. :

  • Collection.
  • Production.
  • Sale.
  • Delivery.

Our Clients

Written references and credit references avaialble on request.

Quality IQF Products direct from the Manufacturer


Who Are We?

FOOD EUROCOMER is an import-export company with over twenty years experience specializing in frozen vegetables, fruits and French fries.

From the beginning our goals have been clear: to provide the market with tasty, nutritious and healthy frozen products.

Thanks to our experience, nowadays we work with the main food industry, food service and retailing companies in both Spain and abroad.

We also import raw materials from Asia and South America - mainly frozen vegetables and fruits for juices and nectars. 

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C/ San Juan 2, 4ºA.
Molina de Segura 30500
Murcia - Spain

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(+34) 968 619 990

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Calle San Juan, 2, 30500 Molina de Segura, Murcia

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Telephone (+34) 968 619 990


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